Welcome to Moo 2 U

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Moo2U is a family owned and operated dairy farm that delivers Jersey milk herd shares to herd share members in Middle Tennessse and Southern Kentucky. Check our Drop Point page for specific locations.

Mike is a 3rd generation dairy farmer. His grandfather Ira Armstrong was milking in Orlinda Tennessee in the late 50’s by hand. He eventually moved to milking in milk cans by the 60’s. Mike’s dad Jerry Armstrong built a 2 cow milk barn in the early 70’s in Orlinda, Tennessee. Around 1972 Mike started helping his dad around the farm and started assisting with milking. Mike built the current barn in 2007. He sold milk commercially until 2016. His son Landry came back to work at the farm in October of 2022.

The majority of our herd’s diet is grass based from pasture, dry hay & grass silage. We supplement their diet with feed that is mixed locally to support the vitamin and mineral requirements of the heard. Our feed program is designed for the health of our cows not for higher production. Our feed is non GMO.

We operate a low stress milking environment. Our cows are milked once a day. Milking once a day cuts down on stress, strengthens body condition, reduces lameness and improves fertility.

Antibiotics are only used for health purposes and a licensed veterinarian oversees the use. No Growth Hormones are ever used.

Milk is for Herd Share Members only. Contact us directly if you are interested in a herd share. Mike Armstrong 615-804-6164 or Landry Bibee 615-509-5107