“The milk is creamy and delicious! None in my family can tolerate pasteurized milk but we do just fine with raw. My pets beg for a taste too any time someone goes near the fridge.” – Amanda H

”I have never been able to tolerate milk products, but I love a bowl of cereal, and a morning protein drink. I have tried everything from Lactose free to almond, cashew or soy milk. I had a conversation with Mike one day, and he asked me to try it. The next time we spoke, I told him nothing happened. I don’t think he quite understood, I tried milk and it didn’t make me sick! When I say nothing happened, I mean that is a good thing! I can enjoy milk for the first time in my life! And it was basically from a science lesson. He should explain it on Facebook. I can never explain it the way he does.” – Joanne L